Bakery HQ is open 10:30-5:30 Tues-Sat, our Abingdon Street Location is open Wed-Sun 10-5

Our Journey

Hello everyone, my name is Kelly and I am the owner and head baker of Cake Tin Bakery.

I’m a mum of three children Caitlin, Brandon and Aidan as well as wife to Phil, who you may see about doing the odd jobs, deliveries and basically running around after us (Don’t worry we feed him cake).

You may remember that not too long ago, we went by the name Cake Tin Delights. Cake Tin Delights, which was a play on our daughters name Caitlin, was established back in October 2012 as a home baking business. As the years have gone on we got bigger and bigger thanks to you, our customers. As a result, we took the big step and got our first shop on Topping Street, Blackpool, in July 2014. Initially started off as a tea-room offering afternoon tea's, bespoke celebration cakes, plus various other sweet treats that you may have seen come and go over the years. We are proud of what we have achieved in that shop and we truly hope you liked it. 

A typical Cake Tin Delights counter, ready for customers!

As time went on, our popularity grew and grew. We found ourselves being featured in local newspapers, online articles and even invited to The Cake & Bake Show in both Manchester and London! Along the way, got to meet many fellow bakers who inspired me to plow through and keep the business going, constantly changing things and updating things along the way. 

Darren & Phil being hardworking huns at the Cake & Bake Show in London, back in 2017 Me, Kelly, with Celebrity Hun and Queen of the Jungle Scarlett Moffatt

A few years later, our Topping Street shop was booming, as was our online orders! I decided it was time to expand, and reset. So, we found our new premises which has a much more bigger area for production of your favourite cakes, brookies, blondies, brownies etc. With that, we decided to refresh our whole branding as well! A brand new website, which you are obviously reading this on, and a new name! 

We said goodbye to Cake Tin Delights, and hello to Cake Tin Bakery. As of October 2020, literally the year everything changed for all of us, we will be in our new shop and unit at Clifton Trade Park.

Work has begun on our new unit at Clifton Trade Park Work has begun at our new unit at Clifton Trade Park.

So make sure you come by and see my hardworking “bunch of huns”, who help make Cake Tin Bakery the amazing place it is now. Rachel, who is my Counter Hun, Kirsty, my Baker Hun, plus Laura who is our cleaner hun! As well as them, behind the scenes is Phil who is my hun in charge of buying stock, local delivery driving and maintenance (if I nag him hard enough), plus Darren who is my Baking & Brand Manager Hun… and the biggest hun of course, me! 

Here at Cake Tin Bakery, we pride ourselves in producing not just great looking cakes but great tasting too. We bake everything fresh on the premises (no packet mixes). As you can gather, we are massively inspired by American treats, with a Cake Tin twist, innovative treats which are OTT, instagrammable and more importantly… bloody delicious! 

We do hope you pop in to our new unit soon and say hi and feel free to ask us anything! 

The new normal, for us at Cake Tin Bakery