Bakery HQ is open 10:30-5:30 Tues-Sat, our Abingdon Street Location is open Wed-Sun 10-5


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Do you do Gluten Free products? 

As much as we would love to be able to accommodate for our GF customers, it is just something we cannot actually do. As we use flour in our products, they produce airborne particles which would contaminate the GF products. We would not only need a separate display counter, but a whole separate bakery unit which, as a small independent business, cannot afford to do for such a small demand in hindsight. 


2. Do you do birthday/themed cakes? 

Whilst we do offer celebration cakes, we no longer do specific themed cakes. However, all our cakes make great, and tasty, centre pieces for any celebration. You can now request these via our website here, or emailing us at . 


3. Why is my postal order not same day dispatch?

Unfortunately, we are still a relatively small team. So, our bakery team need to be able to manage their workload as best as possible. However, the days which postal orders are baked are the same day they are posted (once they’ve cooled obviously). They are good for up to as close as 10 days believe it or not! We always try and aim to get some postal orders dispatched on Mondays to Friday. All parcels are sent standard First Class and you will receive a basic tracking number when it has bee dispatched. 


4. Can you freeze the goodies? 

In most parts, yes!! Pretty much all our bakes are freezer friendly. If there is any, then we will of course tell you straight away with your order. Once frozen, make sure to fully defrost before enjoying, we would recommend at least 5 hours. 


5. When are you adding more products to the online shop?

We want to try and update as often as possible with new items for our customers. The thing is, we have to consider the packaging and the cost too. We need to make sure our products get to you in the best possible condition. 


6. Can I order for same day delivery/collection? 

Sadly not. As we have already said, we are only a small team and our online items are processed separately. We bake the online orders fresh, each morning on the day of delivery/collection. 


7. Can I order Vegan Items? 

In short, like Gluten Free, we no longer offer Vegan items for customers.


8. Which of your products are suitable for vegetarians? 

Believe it or not, pretty much all of our bakes are suitable for vegetarians. The ones that are not, we let customers know on purchase in the shop or on the website! 


9. Why are you not open 7 days a week? 

As much as we would love to be, sadly Rome wasn't built in a day. Our small team need a day or two off too! Hopefully soon, this is something we can offer.