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V.I.B, Vouchers and Christmas... OH MY!

Heya huns!! 

So, looks like we are gonna be coming out of this second lockdown as planned! This is good news isn't it! Hopefully we can start getting back to some form of normality. Although, I guess we will see what tier we are put in on Thursday! 

In the meantime though, what a week its been!! We have been mad busy!! So much so, we had to keep the counter closed an extra day last Wednesday. We have fully caught up now however, and things are running smoothly again! 

So, Whats Happening Next?

So, last week we saw the launch of adding some vegan products to the online shop. Well, in keeping with wanting to add fresh new items to the online store, we also want to try and listen to your requests as best as we can. With that in mind, we are launching the opulent, V.I.B Box. 

Poster for the V.I.B Box Poster

The V.I.B Box is going to be an exclusive weekly box, which will contain a small selection of items that we usually have exclusively to the counter. The items will be listed in the product details each week so you can see if you fancy one or not. These will be updated and changed each week. They will not be suitable for vegans at this time, but maybe something in the future. These will be available as usual for local collection and delivery, as well as postal delivery to anywhere in the UK. We plan to launch this Sunday 29th November at 8:00pm. 

Want to know one item that has just been confirmed into the first V.I.B Box? 

A Slice of Millionaire Cookie Pizza is confirmed in the first V.I.B Box

The Funfetti Millionaire Cookie Pizza Slice!! Don't we spoil you!!? 

Gift Vouchers

I can FINALLY reveal that we are hoping to have these ready by Christmas! It might be the new year however, we are just looking at different options and then the printing etc.

Darren is frantically designing and putting his creative flair to uses. He's doing alright considering he has been Cabin Crew for the last 8 years!! 

But, keep your eyes peeled out for that! As well as his Monday Quiz on the IG stories. Hope you did better than me. I still can't believe Beyoncé doesn't have 27 Grammy's to be honest! #Robbed

Christmas at Cake Tin Bakery

On the 27th November, we will be launching our Christmas at Cake Tin Special Order as well. We will be inviting you to order a festive themed 6" rainbow layer cake, with 12 cupcakes in 6 christmassy flavours (two flavours each). 

These will be order for collection only, and we will be launching that on Friday 27th on Facebook, Instagram and the website! 

A Sneaky Peek at our Christmas @ CTB Poster

For now though, we hope you're all doing alright and keeping a bit of sanity. We are on the home stretch now of this lockdown, and before we all know it, it will be a distant memory. 

Lots of love, 







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