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Tuesday Trash Talk With Darren

Hey everyone, Kelly is mad-busy in Blackpool working on all the orders with the team, so she has asked me to do a blog-date, up-blog? Whatever, she’s too busy and wanted something posting in the blog!! 

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Kelly’s brother, living in Liverpool, and work alongside her dealing with the running of everything online Mon-Fri. I built the website and generally manage things that Kelly doesn’t have time to do. 

Now, considering I used to be a trolly-dolly/tart-cart before this, I knew it would be a change of pace… that being said… working from home!? Urgh!! I thought it would be bliss, and whilst its nice to sit in my lounge in my under-crackers all day, answering emails and providing updates inbetween episodes of Netflix boxsets, building houses on The Sims or playing on my PlayStation… I miss actual conversations with people!! Chatting absolute bollocks with anyone… 


How are you all doing? Is lockdown annoying you as much as it is me?!

It doesn’t help with the twisted news as well! It seems like one article says things are getting better, then another “ITS DOOMED!!!” - Honestly, this is why I have stopped watching the news and looking at it on my own Facebook/Twitter/Insta feed!! I cant do it! I miss daft cat videos, or those annoying prank people… who are also annoyingly entertaining.

A friend recommended some movie the other day, based around a global pandemic. I swear to god. I nearly blocked them there and then. We are still in an actual pandemic, I don’t want to watch someone get buggered by a fictional one! 


What Is Everyone Watching

So, I feel like I completed the whole of Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ during the OG lockdown, I have come first circle and have started re-watching Line of Duty from the start and Marcella. I was tempted to start Game of Thrones again from the start too!!

What boxsets are you getting through?

As well as that, podcasts!! Are these not a god-send during lockdown? I usually reserve these to travelling so I have something to listen to, but I don’t half get through them at the moment whilst working from home. 


I wouldn’t mind, I also got myself a butt-load of books around Christmas. I could pick one up and read it… but nah. They’re all sat there collecting dust! 


The Masked Singer 

Is anyone else addicted to this absolute tripe. 

I am tuning in every Saturday evening. Chatting into the group chats to discuss predictions and theories!! Why is this so bloody addictive!? My other half Dan literally sits there and rolls his eyes when it comes on… but then likes to add his “two cents” on who he thinks someone is… Then be like “oh no! I don’t care!!”, when I question him on whether he is secretly enjoying it too. 


Still Taking Orders 

So, I have to talk a little shop… naturally!

Please remember that we are not open for any collections at the unit during this lockdown. The Blackpool team are trying to juggle working full time, looking and homeschooling their own kids and manage their own home life. So, until the schools reopen, we will keep the counter closed.

We are still taking orders for delivery and postals though, just please read all the information we provide in the delivery tab on the products before you buy, or just click here.

We have a Valentines Couples Dippy-Box for you to also pre-Order! Again, have a look at all the information for it before you order, and to order, click here!

Until Next Time… 

Well, I have had my Carrie Bradshaw moment, so I am gonna go back to pretending to be busy in my apartment in Liverpool. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my takeover this week!

As Jerry Springer says, take care of yourself and each other!


x x x 


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