That Long & Winding Road... (to Christmas break)

Hiya everyone! 

It's been a bit of a change of pace this last week. We are getting orders left right and centre for Christmas goodies! We cant wait for you to come and collect them!! We always love handing over our goodies that we've made. 

Also, just a reminder... the online shop is closing on Friday and won't be reopening until the 5th January. Unless, I add the odd batch of randoms of course. The actual shop will be closing on Christmas Eve and I will be having a special counter sale for that. Please remember though, we are closing at 2.00pm sharp. The counter will then be closed until the 6th January 2021. 

Cake Tin Bakery Christmas Opening Times


Christmas Cheer(s)

I am STILL trying to get into the spirit of Christmas! I have however, now put up the tree! I say, I... more like Phil. I tried, had a tantrum and he stepped in. I then supervised for safety reasons. I suppose I should start Christmas shopping really!

For now, I'm back off to crack on getting the counter sorted and all these orders done. 

Have a great week! 





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