Bakery HQ is open 10:30-5:30 Tues-Sat, our Abingdon Street Location is open Wed-Sun 10-5

Oh my days!! We did it!!!

Well, we are finally here. 

All the panic attacks, all the blood sweat tears and sleepless nights... we finally made it! 

The rebranded Cake Tin Bakery is here. Both our new unit and the website are up and running. There might be some teething problems to start with, but we are getting there slowly. 

We had our re-opening at the new unit on Sunday 1st November. This was originally meant to be the 31st October, but sadly had to be rescheduled as we just wasn't ready! Poor Phil, literally stayed up all Friday night trying to get the counter ready so it was safe for opening, but we just couldn't do it. So he plowed straight through, had a cheeky 2 hour kip on the office floor, and cracked back on with it. Then we were ready. 

Phil hard at work on the counter all day Saturday.

You all came down and bless you, queued up for upwards and over 2 hours to make sure you got an exclusive first look at the new unit and get some of your goodies! 

Im not ashamed to say, when we closed the door that day, I burst into tears. It was happy tears though. Everything I have worked so hard for in the last few weeks had finally come ahead and I was getting a taste of what was to come! 

Anyways, best get back to work! Timers are beeping and there's goodies to be prepared for opening tomorrow! 

Stay safe, and stay tuned for the next blog! 



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