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Oh Dough You Didn't!! (Sorry...)


Another week has passed us by, and here we are again with another blog! 

This weekend, we launched our new Dough Bar!! It went down great! You lot all loved it!

The Percy Pig flavour was a pleasant surprise to be honest. I won't lie, I never saw the hype. But, they're a favourite for all the CTB Huns. When we did the dough, I had a feeling it wouldn't work... but it really did! In a weird sort of way. Plus, you all love the flavour too! So keep an eye out as we update and change the dough flavours regularly. Keep an eye on our socials for the daily counter info. 

A lot of you asked if you can eat these doughs raw, or if they have to be baked first. I can reassure you that the ingredients used have been treated so they can be eaten raw, when you've added your toppings and sauce shots (for extra yumminess obvs) - If you want to bake them however, that's cool too... or hot more like! Simply remove from the pot, place on a bit of greaseproof paper on a baking tray, and then put it in the oven for 6-8 mins at 180° 

A promotional poster for our dough bar.

So, this weekend, we also saw another couple of busy counter days! Whilst we love the support. We do just have to reiterate that please remember that we are on a national lockdown, so please only make the journey if its part of your essential shopping trip to the local Tesco/Asda's round the corner, observe the social distancing guidelines as set out by the government and please wear a mask when coming into the shop. We know it's a pain, but it is to keep everyone safe and hopefully from the 2nd December, restrictions might be altered a bit if we can go along with the ones in place at the moment. 

We said that we was going to be introducing a click and collect service. We are still working on this so please bear with us. You can order for Next Day collection or local delivery however on the website. At the moment, we can't offer same day delivery or collection I'm afraid.

We know there seems to be some confusion about this and we are constantly working to try and improve things, and keep things safe for everyone. We just ask for you to continue with your patience. Its a totally new system for us here at CTB as well. 

For now though, don't forget we are back open from tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10:30am and the online store should be back open now too. 

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the November newsletter that Darren has been typing up for you. 

For now though, stay safe! 



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