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Here We Go... Again!

Hiya everyone, 

Well. Where to begin! 


I hope you all managed to enjoy some festivities over the Christmas and New Year. We certainly did. Ate too much, drank too much... but that was even before Christmas!! 

I found myself getting itchy feet though. I was sat at home watching the telly and was getting bored. I wanted to actually go to work!! I had Darren bleating on at me telling me to stay at home, chill out and enjoy the time off. I get what he means, but when we cant do much anyway, I get antsy. Its alright for him sitting playing on his PS5, eating snacks like they're going out of fashion! Still think he's horrible for not selling it to me. Whatever. Ha! 

Plans For The New Year

Well. To be honest. These have been shot to buggery following the announcement by Bo-Jo this week. We wanted to do a second V.I.B Box. That is going to have to wait now. 

We also decided to temporarily close our counter. Most of the CTB team have children, and I need to make sure I can accommodate for those with the schools being closed. My own children as well. 

We have kept open local deliveries though. As well as postals. 

We are planning on adding extra postcodes and local delivery areas, normally out of bounds for us, during this third lockdown. As well as this, some extra online items. Items that are usually "Counter Only" and stuff. Maybe a weekly special box. We have to look at the logistics of things (logistics, hark at her!) and work out if its doable etc. 

For now, I'm gonna love you and leave you to crack on. I, and all of us at CTB, hope you're all doing well during this third lockdown. Lets get through it. Then hopefully, afterwards, we can carry on doing things that were normal before all of this. 

Stay safe and lots of love, 



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