Bakery HQ is open 10:30-5:30 Tues-Sat, our Abingdon Street Location is open Wed-Sun 10-5

... has it only been a week?

Wow. What a year this last week has been!! 

Lockdown 3.0

So, we are still in this chuffing lockdown. We miss seeing you lot coming into the shop and saying hello. But, for the time being we are going to continue to just working as an online only service with delivery and postal options. We want to just do our bit to make sure people are staying home, and only travelling for essential reasons. 

Speaking of postal and delivery, please also make sure that you're reading the delivery tab on each product when making your orders! Theres been a bit of confusion with it all recently. 

We keep adding new products to the online shop too. We want you to enjoy the goodies you can usually get on the counter, online. Plus, its a good way to see how things work online for us too! 

We have also, today re-added a small selection of Vegan items to the Pick 'N Mix and Selection of Brookies boxes! Plus, there is a vegan option for the 9" cookie pizza too! 


Deep Breath's... 

So, as a working mother who is trying to balance work and family, and now home schooling... believe me when I say, I really sympathise with you folks who are also trying to do the same. I swear, some of this stuff teachers are asking us to teach kids is like Degree level stuff that should only be taught in like Cambridge University!!

My best advice, take a deep breath and have a cheeky google... or glass of wine. 



How are you all coping with this lockdown? What are you doing to distract yourselves?

I'll be honest, im just throwing myself into work. Darren has said he is just chilling in Liverpool, him and his other half have started watching Line of Duty from the start... when not working I hope!? 

I will say, one of the best things to do, in my opinion. Take time away from the screen. Even if its just for an hour or so. Stay away from the devices. Listen to a podcast episode or, read a couple of chapters of one of them books you've been meaning to read! Also, limit the amount of times you are watching the news. It's all negative at the moment, whether you are scrolling on social media or tuning into the news every chance you get. It's not worth the stress. If you want to watch the news, watch it like once a day! Just watch the 6pm news or something. Don't watch it first thing in the morning and don't watch it before bed! Why start or end your day on a negative note? 


Well, as we are online only at the moment... shockingly we are so busy! Considering its January! So, as always, we are so grateful for your continued support with us. It honestly means so much! 

I best crack on though. 

I'll be back next week with another cheeky update! 

Stay safe and lots of love! 




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