Happy Vegan Day!


What a week it has been. Its been mad busy here at CTB HQ! But we have loved seeing you come to visit the new unit, and ordering online too! It really means a lot to us as a small independent business. 

Darren has been kept busy as well managing the socials Monday to Friday! We hope you're enjoying what he's doing! He seems to be having a bit too much fun with it mind. He has said he is doing a weekly quiz on a Monday now! The cheek!

Not to mention that, he was giving out a 10% off for some #FridayFunny thing!! 

That being said, we hope you're enjoying it! We want you to visit for the bakes, but stay for the LOL's. I think at the moment, we all need to kept occupied given these cray-cray times. So stay tuned to @caketinbakery on insta, and the stories, for more silliness and special deals. 


Going Vegan Online

We also, today actually, launch our vegan selection to the online store. We know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for this and we are so happy to finally have vegan products available online. 

When it comes to selling vegan products online, its not as simple as just adding to the website and selling them. There are rules and regulations that we have to abide by to protect not only you, our customer. But also, us as a small independent business. So again, thanks for your patience. 

To celebrate the launch of the vegan goodies going online, why not take advantage of a 10% offer! Enter the code VEGAN10 at the checkout! Simple as that!! Its just for this week though, and also only the boxes with the vegan goodies! 

We are gonna review the vegan products in three months, and see if we can continue it and if its meeting the demand. We might even consider adding more products. 

We also want to add more non-vegan products as well soon. But, it is a marathon not a sprint! 


Kirsty's Millionaire Cookie Slices

A stack of our Maltese millionaire cookie slices
We also launched the millionaire cookie slices, as created by our Master-Baker *childish giggle* Kirsty!! Boy, oh boy! You loved these didn't you! I'll be honest... so did we! They're definitely a welcome creation, so keep your eyes peeled because these will be special items that won't be around for very long on selected counter days!

For now though, I hope you're all keeping safe and well and I'll give you all an update next week! 

Lots of love,


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