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Cocktails, Crowns and Christmas Cheer... (or lack thereof)

Oh hello!

Well, its thankfully not been as chaotic this week! It seems to have been a bit of a nice steady pace. The calm before the storm, maybe? 

Thanks to everyone getting their orders in for Christmas goodies. Its not too late to get yours in either! If you want to order our Festive Rainbow with flavoured cupcakes deal, or if you want a Loaded Brownie or Blondie, a Brookie Pie or a Cookie Pizza in time for Christmas, either drop Darren an email at or click here 

Also, we got our Gift Vouchers delivered this week! They are looking very swish! We are just waiting on the envelopes to go with them so we can get them on the counter for you, in time for Christmas! 


Christmas Cocktails Research

Well. I don't know about anybody else, but I am actually struggling to get in the festive spirit this year. So I am just going to get into the spirit. Literally.

I tried a new cocktail at home, a recipe provided by @thespruceeats. The Salted Caramel Martini! I had to send Phil to the shop mind for nice glasses that look good for the gram. Lets face it, did it actually happen unless you slap it all over social media?! 

I sent Phil on a cocktail glass run!!!


But, it was really really nice and if you want to give it a try check out the recipe at Spruce Eats, as well as other good cocktails (and meals) by clicking here


A Royal TV Engagement

So, for weeks Darren has been harping on about the latest series on Sky Atlantic with Nicole Kidman, The Undoing. Now, sounded amazing. But, I decided I was going to wait and binge watch it rather than the weekly episode fiasco. Turns out, for some reason my Sky Box wouldn't let me download it. Awks. 

I decided that I would give The Crown a go. It's my first time watching it, and so far it seems okay. But a bit of a slow burner on this first series. Darren said it does pick up as it goes on, so I will stick with it. 

I wish they would hurry up and do a third series of that Big Little Lies! I really enjoyed that!! 


Right, well... Im gonna get back to the bakery now as these 9" cookie pizza's (that you can now buy in the online shop) are not gonna cook themselves are they! *wink wink, nudge nudge* 

Have a great week! 




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