You can now select collection from our new location Abingdon Street Market open Tue-Sun 10-5pm

Anyone else starting to lose it?

So, we continue to be in Lockdown 3.0 

Apparently today there will be an update so we will have to see what happens. Its all we can do really. 

We are so busy dealing with all our online orders though. So that's a blessing. However, as a working mum with 3 kids... trying to balance the work/home/homeschooling is starting to drive me insane a bit. 

I wont lie, I cant wait for everything to be back to normal. Or as normal as it can be. I want to sit in a bar and order the biggest cocktail possible. It might even just be one of them pitcher things and a straw. Just for me. No regrets!! 


Moaning aside though, for now at least, we are going to keep the counter closed whilst we are in lockdown. We know that technically we can open, as a takeaway, but I want to protect my own family, my staff and of course you lot. Our customers! I do kinda think cake is an essential, but we cant risk some of you scamps making special journeys to the unit and then queuing up outside as we have seen in the past. 

We all have to do our bit. 

But, we are still doing our online shop and adding special items here and there and stuff. But last week was so busy!! I have a backlog of orders to work through, so specials this week are a bit delayed! 

Special Orders & Valentines Day

We have started taking orders now for celebration cakes, and some have already been sent off! 

The Cake & Nibble set is proving to be quite popular also! These could be a cute treat for a loved one for Valentines day *wink, wink* 

For more information about special cake orders and celebration cakes click here


Darrens Monday Quiz

Did anyone do Darrens Back to School Quiz this week? It was my first time actually having a go!! JEEEZ!!! He's my brother, I know what school he went to. He didn't go to Oxford University! I don't know where he got them questions from! I dread to think what the next theme will be!! 


Well, like I said, backlog of orders to work through. So, best crack on. 

Ill be back next week with another update! Hopefully with some more positive news!! 

For now, stay home and safe! 

Loads of love, 




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