...and now, the end is near...


So, another week has passed. We have been so busy sorting out all online orders as well as the pre-orders ready for their collections and delivery in time for Christmas! 

Meanwhile, Darren is sat on his backside in Liverpool, living his "best-working-from-home-life" playing on his sodding PS5! I mean!! 

Christmas or Krampus? 

Im trying to make sure I am ready for Christmas. We are lucky enough to be going to my mums this year for Christmas. Its going to be strange not cooking Christmas dinner for once... but, im secretly excited for it!! Bring on the copies amounts of Prosecco, and gin! 

Also panicking because I feel like I still haven't finished Christmas shopping!! I do this every year! I panic and panic, leave everything to the last minute. Instead, I should take my own advice and follow through with the whole "im gonna start my Christmas shopping earlier". 

Lockdown 3.0? 

So, with the announcement that London and the South East are now under Tier 4 restrictions, there's also been murmurs in the press of a third national lockdown in January. We cant really say how we will work around that if it does happen, because obviously we don't know if it IS actually going to happen or the restrictions that will be set out. 


... and finally...

As we draw a line under the trash fire that has been 2020, I just wanted to thank you all personally for your continued support. In a year when sadly some businesses were not able to keep operating, we managed to actually grow and expand in the space of a couple of months. We don't take this for granted at all. 

I want to close with wishing you a very merry Christmas, and hope to see you all back in the new year! 

From my family to yours, 

Merry Christmas and lots of love! 




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