Our Covid-19 Pledge

As a business, it's important that we are following certain procedures to ensure that everyone is kept safe. 

  1. We clean and disinfect all surfaces regularly anyway to prevent cross-contamination. 
  2. Hand sanitiser is readily available for all customers and staff. 
  3. All staff working on the counter are required to wear face masks and coverings. 

What are we asking our customers to do? 

  1. We ask all customers to wear masks before entering the shop. We also ask that only one bubble at a time enters the shop and counter area, to the rule of six. 
  2. Customers waiting outside should ensure they are observing social distancing where possible. Ensuring there is a space of at least one meter between each other. 
  3. We would ask all customers to not make journeys to the shop especially. If it is in passing whilst getting your essential shopping from the local supermarkets, this is fine. 
  4. If you are showing any signs of COVID-19, we need you to keep away. In the interest of not only our customers, but also our staff. We are a small independent business. A two week closure would have a huge impact on us as business. 
  5. Use our website for orders. We now offer local delivery and a free collection for the next day. 

If we all follow these simple rules, we can hopefully come out of this additional lockdown as planned, or at the earliest opportunity. Plus, see our loved ones and relatives over the festive periods. 

At Cake Tin Bakery, the health, safety and welfare are the first priority of all our staff and our customers. The delicious bakes... well, they're just the icing on the cake!